Tips for winning Gold Streak

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In Gold Streak, your objective is to correctly guess the most and least popular answers to survey questions.  Build one of the longest streaks of correctly-answered questions for the day, and you’ll win a share of the daily Gold Streak Zackpot, and earn cool badges, too!

Play for just one TCredit. No purchase necessary to win.

Enter to play Gold Streak at:

You can also play Gold Streak in conjunction with our broader “Streakasphere” contest where you can compete for the longest day-to-day streak.  Details on Streakasphere below.


There are three rounds of questions. Each time you guess the correct answer, your streak will advance by one and your stack of “gold coins” on the right will get grow taller.

In the first (“bronze”) round, you will be presented with five randomly-chosen survey questions.  For each question, your objective is to guess which of two answers was…

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